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The town's cozy inn. With a restaurant (day), pub (night), baths, and laundry services, the only thing stopping it from being rated five stars is a pool! (there is currently no pool planned)

The inn is located at the heart of Toffee Town, making it the most conveniently located communal living space in town.

There is a maximum of four guests per room. No pets or large changes to the look of the rooms are allowed.

Rooms are fully cleaned by staff (light cleaning daily, sheets washed and exchanged weekly, fully cleaned once a season). You may choose not to have your room cleaned, though you will be expected to keep it clean then. Otherwise, it will be cleaned whether your permission is given or not.

The inn can house 80 people at most. Residents can use the communal baths (two- one for each sex), kitchen (when not in use by bistro cooks), and laundry services (if you'd rather not get your hands dirty, it is also available as a full paid service). No dry cleaning is available. Residents may use the kitchen pantry/cold storage, but be sure to label your things to they aren't accidentally used!

The first floor features a small lounge with couches. The second floor features a balcony with benches to sit and enjoy the view. You are free to drag your own furniture out there, but be sure to clean up!

The restaurant/pub is its own business, and has its own front door. There's a second door to access it from within the inn for those cold winter mornings. Butterscotch Bistro is available up until just past dinnertime, and Velvet Lounge is available during the night.

There is a third floor (attic), but it may only be accessed by staff.

The shop is available at front desk on the first floor.

There is a small garden behind the restaurant maintained by the innkeeper and workers. Laundry is hung up outside behind the baths.

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  • Inn workers get Sunday off. The inn will still be open, but only the innkeeper works on Sundays.
  • The inn suffers from power outages often during storms.
    • The occasional leaky roof as well. There's a stock of buckets/pans to prepare for this situation.
  • The inn's attic is accessible through a trapdoor on the ceiling in the second floor closet.
    • As discovered in de1:dream of taffy town, the innkeeper sometimes blends failed dishes into fertilizer in the attic. Therefore, residents may experience strange sounds and pungent smells at times.

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