A glimmer under the lapping tide catches your eye. You pick up a bottle, sealed tight.
Upon opening it, you find a note...

The message in a bottle item can be obtained when foraging in Biscotti Beach. For details, see Foraging Quests.

Opening a Bottle Edit

It costs 3 messages in a bottle for one note. Yes, it makes no sense, but it's because these messages are always unique. To open a bottle, @arcanium in discord. Your bottles will be used up, so they will be removed from your inventory.

It may take some time for the message to be delivered, depending on if there are any in the backlog or if arcanium can make one up. Because of this, there may be periods of time when you cannot open a bottle. Generally, a maximum of one message can be delivered in a day.

Submitting Messages Edit

Note blank
If you would like to submit a message for someone to uncover, please do! You can use the template on the right (which is literally a rip from animal crossing) or your own, and write on it however you'd like. Standard EE rules apply. In most cases, you will not be compensated gold for submitting a message. You can submit as many as you want.

Please DM @arcanium or note the group with the message so it'll be a surprise when it is uncovered in the chat! It'll be anonymous, but you can sign the note in some way if you want.

Messages Found Thus FarEdit

Messages that have been uncovered so far will be archived here.