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year 1 Edit

hmmm I'll update this sometime, along w missing patches of yr 2

year 2 Edit

 New Year, New Me! (spring) Edit

Dahlia hair

Dahlia felt embarrassed and out of place after arriving overdressed to the New Year's Festival. She ended up drinking lots and having fun but ended up getting a drunk haircut. She tried fixing this the next day by buying a hair growth potion but accidentally bought a Rainbow Brew instead. The potion dyed her hair red for the week.

She didn't wear green or yellow during the week. Freda gifted her a Hair Growth Tonic after the mix up (and a good laugh lol).

Dahlia's Birthday (spring)[1] Edit

Dahlia went too crazy on the drinks at the New Years party and woke up with short hair, dyed red! Right on her birthday, too! Adrien and Dahlia mourn her hair and hold a ceremony for it. They both recall precious moments with it together as they weep at home. They end up going shopping, but not without some disguises to hide their identities! Nobody can see Dahlia with her hair ruined like that, after all.

Soft-boiled Sleuthing (fall)[2] Edit

It's pet day and something horrible has happened! Dahlia's pet Lil Juppy the marimo has seemingly disappeared. Adrien accompanies Dahlia to find out the culprit of this most heinous crime, and they visit the dog races, the buddy up booth, the glam booth and finally the shopping mall! What? Of course all of this is investigation of utmost importance. They return to the dog races to consult with Sherlock Bones, leading to finally reuniting Dahlia with her much loved pet.

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