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House small interior
 toffee town #8
housemate: Adrien Allende

size: lv. 1
upgrades: lv.1 bathroom, lv.1 kitchen

Dahlia's house would be quite messy if Adrien wasn't there to tidy up. She's the type to throw her clothes all over the place while trying to mix and match her outfits.

Dahlia has the top bunk and Adrien has the bottom bunk.  They decided by playing rock, paper, scissors!  Dahlia sometimes sleeps on the couch because her bed is too fully/messy or when she is too lazy to climb up the ladder.

In her side of the backyard/garden, she grows dahlias, because, duh!  They're her namesake!  She grows (a lot less) daphnes too, just to be fair.

Her plans regarding the house are quite...eccentric.  Who needs bedrooms when you can have a walk in closet?  The upstairs would also be converted into a runway.

Dahlia spends all her money on clothes etc. so her house was actually paid for by her sister. She wanted to be independent but hey, who says no to a free house!

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