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 Toffee Town Year 1 Edit

Isaac daicon

Fall Edit

Isaac arrived in town in Fall, after a brief delay in Coffee Town. He met a number of people, mainly on mail runs, most of which he did not hit it off with (that's his fault). Well. He thinks he did. In the process though, he did learn to climb a tree thanks to Luca! He'll learn how to climb down a tree some other time. It was a bit surprising to see elves and hybrids so close by, but nothing particularly strange happened in that regard.

Technical Difficulties Edit

Isaac had an exciting train ride with 0% of danger, which was rather boring to him, even if he did have some fun exploring the lavish train. He ended up sharing a cabin with someone apparently delusional from a fever (Faust), because the other man was either insulting him or sleeping. Deciding that this was a good chance to be a hero, he hopped off during the pit stop in Coffee Town to buy food for the older man (well, he was hungry too). There he met a grumpy stranger (Seifer) who had some kind of problem with passing out randomly. Isaac told him quite loudly that he would keep the redhead's secret a secret. (Was it a secret anymore?) He also kindly (and DEFINITELY because the stranger WANTED it) ordered him much eggy goodness to eat, like the famous eggspresso.

Afterwards, Isaac returned to the train to eat. His cabinmate seemed to appreciate the gesture, since he sipped the coffee and made no further attempts at conversation. (It was better than getting insulted, right?)

Harvest Festival Edit

It was Isaac's first time checking out what the locals did for fun. He didn't find it as extravagant or noisy as the parties that he was used to, but it wasn't a bad time. He met the hybrid Ilinca and shared a dance, which he enjoyed (dancing with your eyes closed is dangerous, kids). He also donated some meat to the stew, but later decided not to eat it anyways after his first sip. (His life would surely be at risk had he consumed any more.)

Egg Festival Edit

Isaac walked around looking for eggs in town. He got to witness the fine craft of a country monkey (Morgan) scaling a building to bravely search for eggs, and luckily some were found in the end. Besides that, he bumped into his roommate (Jun) near the carpenter's and dragged him back to attend the festival. He didn't eat eggs for a week afterwards.

Dreams Edit

Isaac had a strange dream where the sun never rose, people danced with pumpkins, everyone looked Edgy as Heck, and he met a talking cat (Harmony). He wasn't sure what was weirdest, but it was probably the talking cat.

Birthdays Edit

Isaac birthday y1

Everyone learned how to inflate a balloon that day...

Isaac met the tailor shop owner (Velia) on the day that happened to be her birthday. Since they were at the bistro, he offered to play a song for her to sing, since it was nostalgic for her (really, he just wanted to show off since Jun was also there). Two others (Faust & Mr. Fox) popped in to listen (the prior seemed to have been dragged in by the latter), and the group of five enjoyed some warm drinks afterwards on the chilly day. It was strange, but Isaac felt a little nostalgic too.

He also celebrated his own birthday at the end of the season, and invited his friends (friends is a stretch, but we'll use that to be simple about it). Surprisingly (well, not to him), they all showed up. He didn't seem to notice all the low-key insults being passed about, but it was a good time overall (maybe?).

Foliage Festival Edit

Isaac was greatly amused that everyone took a day off just to burn leaves and cook sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, it was harder than it looked, and while hanging out with a large group (headed by Ryan) he totally smoked his potato. Stuffing his bag full of uncooked potatoes for round two, he bumped into a girl (Sahara) who also lacked experience and snuck around with her to discover the secret to the potato.

He didn't really get anywhere with that, but luckily he later found Jun who cooked the potato for him. He didn't think a sweet potato could taste so good!

Moon Viewing Edit

Isaac moonviewing
The town had an excess of festivals that were literally about nothing, but Isaac was having a lot of fun learning about them anyways. As usual he had to be the Best so he asked Jun (who he knew spent an outrageous amount of time in the woods) to help him pick a good spot to view the moon, since that was a big deal. In return, he secretly made moon dumplings to share. He packed half with him for the festival, and gave the other half to that one loner who he never saw attend any festivals (that would be Faust). The jeweler didn't want these tasteless moon dumplings, but Isaac shoved it in his hands and ran away before he could say no.

He ate them.

The spot that Jun chose seemed to have the same view of the moon that Isaac saw all the time, but something about that smile cast in moonshine made it more worthwhile.

Winter Edit

Winter was colder than Isaac expected, but his brother had mailed him a warm set of clothes to wear (he only wished the colours didn't make him look five years old).

During this time he became better friends(?) with the jeweler (Faust) who he started to visit after work. Since the older man always seemed to have mail for some reason, Isaac asked him if he wanted to receive his mail at the end of the day (after work) so Isaac can connect with him on the status of the outside world. Faust deemed it entirely unnecessary, but he agreed anyways. Weirdo.

Near the end of winter, Isaac and Jun went to the forest to search for a flowing white flower. It was the first time Isaac noticed Jun truly being eager. He must have really liked plants.

Isaac made note of this.

Winter Wonderland Edit

Free tickets to the fair seemed exciting, but Jun didn't want to go since he disliked crowds. Isaac didn't want to go alone, so he convinced the only other antisocial adult (Faust) he knew to be his babysitter for the day (boy, he needs friends his own age).

He reunited with the sleepy man he'd met on the train last season (Seifer) who hung out with them for a while (following a guilt trip). The redhead later left to reunite with his friends (maybe the carousel was a bit much). Spending the rest of the day with Faust, Isaac noticed he had a tendency to say particularly hurtful things to anyone who showed him too much interest. He initially thought it was just social awkwardness, but Faust told him that it was entirely intentional.

"Why do I want people to hate me? Because it's easier. I'm not a good person. So do yourself a favour and stop trying to get friendly with me."

That made the rest of the day rather awkward, but Isaac decided while on the ferris wheel at the end of the night that he was just not going to hate him. What could the jeweler possibly do about that?

Faust wasn't able to reply.

Valentine's Day Edit

Isaac was rather busy delivering heartgrams during the event. He was happy to have received a couple as well (a hero of mail surely deserved some chocolate)! Unfortunately his own cooking skills didn't go very far and he started getting flustered thinking about giving it out. He decided to prepare a week in advance next year.

Dreams Edit

Isaac had a weird dream where he worked in a pharmacy and it rained a lot. Why was the sun never out in his dreams? There were plenty of familiar faces, but he couldn't remember any of them. The last thing he recalled was standing on the harbor looking at someone.

Summertime in Winter Edit

Always eager to do good deeds, Isaac went on the walk with Jun and ended up in a desert. Wow. You really had no idea what to expect in Toffee Town. He explored town after arriving, uncertain of why he kept getting weird stares. Ah well. People always gave him strange looks anyways! It must have been because he looked so good. (No, that's totally wrong.) Jun managed to convince him to hide under one of his cloaks. He thought he was playing agent, so he did it.

After meeting another Toffee Town local in the oasis town (Zayn), he learned that the desert hybrids either couldn't spell or had terrible hearing. After that, he went to check out the tower with Sahara. He didn't find the top, but he did see something dark and shadowy drift past from one of the windows. What was it?

He got home safely, and went to report his findings to Faust who simply pinched his cheeks really hard. Jeez. What was up with that guy?

Spirit Festival Edit

Isaac spiritfest
Isaac watched the performance with Jun! He was a little disappointed that the spirits didn't visit him. He figured his mother probably wouldn't be able to walk this far out to locate him.

New Year's Eve Edit

Isaac was invited to a little get together at Mr. Fox's house. After drinks and food, the group disbanded just before midnight, since the geezer fell asleep. Isaac went to the lake to watch the fireworks with Jun. He hoped he could watch night flowers bloom again the year after as well.