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Soren Edit

Non-group OC, lives in the city.

Isaac's older half-brother by 15 years. Despite how they are related, they're quite close. He's more of a father than an older brother to Isaac, and raised him. A stern and serious man on the exterior, he's quite gentle with people he cares about, even though his smile is rare. He still thinks Isaac's a small child, and treats him as such (spoils him, nags him about his health/laundry, might have a heart attack if he ever got piercings or dyed his hair, etc.). A traditional man who dutifully obeys his parents even at the cost of his own freedom. Very overprotective.

Jun Edit

Isaac jun sprite headshot
His ex-roommate and the first person he learned to call friend. Isaac still finds him rather strange, especially since he's CLEARLY POOR and yet still turns down all of Isaac's offers to give him money, but at the very least, he knows the half-elf is very kind and patient with him. Of course, he could learn to stop dressing like a hermit and sell things other than herbal drugs, but his heart is in the right place and he has a cute smile. Isaac wishes that Jun would stop nagging him like the mother he never had, though. The half-elf worries waaaay too much.

FP - 3800

  • Give Me Money (2)[X] - 700FP
  • Eggciting Time [X] - 600FP
  • Foliage Festival [X] - 300FP
  • Moon Viewing [X] - 800FP
  • Connected By Loss [X] - 200FP
  • Happy Birthday Isaac [X] - 1200FP

Others tbc...

Item Collection Edit

Croissant with egg
Chicken beanie
1000g chocolate coin
Chick cushion
Happy egg
Stone hammer
Stone axe
Disposable camera
Fishing pole
Fishing buoy
Basic fishing line
Fairground music box
Glowing white flower