Dahlia's cherished pet. Has been part of the Du Family since Fall of Year 2. Lil Juppy is as much a style guru as Dahlia herself! Despite its epithet, it is quite large.

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A marimo ball. Dahlia originally purchased it nano-sized (~15mm). She was able to enhance its growth by using potions. It is now giant-sized (~40mm). Lil Juppy came from a Blue Critter Box and cost 400g to purchase. Dahlia claims it is pedigreed. According to Dahlia, it looks like the popular Miopet, the Jup Jup.

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Lil Juppy often finds himself being eaten by QQ Salad. He has been sadly demoted from pet to petpet despite being QQ's senior.

Soft-boiled Sleuthing[1] Edit

It's pet day and something horrible has happened! Dahlia's pet Lil Juppy the marimo has seemingly disappeared. Adrien accompanies Dahlia to find out the culprit of this most heinous crime, and they visit the dog races, the buddy up booth, the glam booth and finally the shopping mall! What? Of course all of this is investigation of utmost importance. They return to the dog races to consult with Sherlock Bones, leading to finally reuniting Dahlia with her much loved pet.

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