Young rapscallion of a farmhand who has called Toffee Town his home since Spring of Year 1!

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Gifts Edit

Loved Edit

Watermelon, Goddess Kiss, Fruit Pastries

Liked Edit

Turnip Items, Flowers, Fruity or Alcoholic Drinks, Bandages (in the context of TLC)

Disliked Edit

Toadstools, Vegetable Juices, Tomatoes

Hated Edit

Nets, Tomato Juice, Weeds

Personality Edit

Morgan is a sunny free-spirited scamp with a devil-may-care personality. Rough around the edges, carefree, spontaneous, always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and being fairly reckless, dull days are not typical for him. He’s a jokester by nature who enjoys making light of things and poking fun, often reveling in the reactions he gets for better or for worse. A laugh is worth a lot to him. Morgan comes off as a goofball, and is more than happy to play himself off as such as it suits him. In truth though, he’s sly, observant, and more clever than he lets on…

He’s irresponsible and flighty, often slipping out of tight situations or obligations instead of facing them. Patience, honesty, tact, orderliness, and taking things seriously are all weak points of his. Not one to outright spell out a problem in the name of keeping things fun and easy-going, Morgan’s behaviour will twist and come out awkwardly as he tries his darndest to avoid the issues at hand. Despite his pursuit of the easy-going and lackadaisical lifestyle, Morgan can be sensitive and gets stressed and exasperated easily under pressure, especially if he can’t make a getaway.

As much fun as he has getting reactions to his bothersome behaviour, Morgan isn’t out to hurt feelings. It’s all in good fun, right? He does care a lot for the feelings of his friends. It’s just… difficult to tell at times under all the jokes and japes.

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Toffee Town Life Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Additional Info Edit

  • He isn't very outspoken about his faith, but absolutely reveres and believes in the Goddess, sprites, and the like.
  • He's claustrophobic, growing uneasy in confined spaces. The worst is if he can't move.
  • Has a cousin who works at the Starclucks in Coffee Town, but he's kind of a jerk who dislikes hybrids so... yikes, right?
  • Morgan is terrible with numbers and will admit to this openly anytime it comes up.
  • Does he look like he has money??? He's cheap too, and prefers to window shop then actally

dishing out to take something home.

  • Fond of turnips because they were the first crop he learned to grow. Sort of his signature produce.
  • Absolutely adores scenic views.
    • Cannot draw said views. Morgan likes to draw, but his skills are extremely crude and he knows it. So... he hides it away when he draws.
  • Lives at Lemon Lake Area Slot 46: A scenic lake view