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Toffee Town Year 1 Edit

Winter Edit

Winter Wonderland Edit

Oda winter wonderland

It was his first time and the height was TERRIFYING. Pandy making the cart shake didn't help either but overall he had fun HAHA.

With so much time on his hands due to the animals just staying in the barn most of the winter, Oda thought it wouldn't hurt to spend some time in the carnival. He enjoyed some ice sclupting, met new people, and even rode the ferriswheel with Pandora!

Spring Edit

New Years Festival Edit

Goddess Fortunes Edit

Oda new years fortune

Oda's fortune.

"I want to work hard...and be a better person for others."
--Oda's New Years Resolution
Oda fortune reaction


Everything looked fine besides the Relationships category. It bothered him a bit, but he eventually thought of it less and less within the next few days. He may be guillable but this one is a simple piece of paper!

After all, it's just a silly fortune right...? Oda is quite superstitious though...

Oh well, Oda will have to find out later in the year.



*sweats nervously*

Signs of Spring Edit

Oda sowingfest photo

Oda's entry.

"As soon as the doors to the barn were opened, one certain youngling came jumping out with curiosity and excitement. The other young lambs were a little more timid, but this one in particular was especially courageous. 

The warm sun, combined with the chilly breeze and snow felt like the perfect combo for a comfortable morning to finally let the animals out to graze for the first time this year.

Amused by the brave little lamb's antics, Oda decided this would be a good time to take a picture." -- What led to Oda's picture entry

Sowing Festival Edit

Oda had almost forgotten about the festival if it weren't for the friendly reminders of his fellow neighbors. He spent the day with many different people, getting to know them better and even attempting the great big hot air balloon ride! (His fear didn't improve all that much yet though...)

He enjoyed chopping stumps and breaking stones the most as he felt very productive and liked how clean everything looked after. Over-all, it was the festival he liked the most so far from this town!