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Gold Edit


Items Edit

Relax tea package
Relax Tea Package(18 uses left)
Lumber (x15)
Material stone
Material Stone (x15)

Housing Edit

Location: Flan Forest #15
Oda house
The LV 1 House Model
Oda house bathroom
Bathroom LV1

Pets Edit

Large dog
Large Doge (x1)"Kaho" the White Tibetan Mastiff
Wooden pet house
Sleeps in his dog house outside Oda's home.

Relationships Edit

Czarina Edit

"Very strong...good to have around the ranch". [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"Stormy Weather" 600FP

Total FP: 600FP

Current Heart Level: Black

Dolce Bakewell Edit

"I feel she thinks I'm weird for calling her 'cake' last time..." [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"Sweet Birthday Treat" 600FP

Total FP: 600FP

Current Heart Level: Black

Ebony Edit

"A very helpful person. She even treated me which I will always appreciate". [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"First Impressions" [Black Heart Event] 800FP

Total FP: 800FP

Current Heart Level: Black

Elica Caron Edit

"Fast learner in ice carving. Impressive". [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"Patient First Impressions" [Black Heart Event] 500FP

Total FP: 500FP

Current Heart Level: Black

Ilinca Meor Edit

"...Hyperactive, to say the least. Very good job partner". [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"Playful First Impressions!" [Black Heart Event] 900FP
"Valentine Gifts" 200FP
"Stormy Weather" 600FP
"First Day of Work" 200FP
"A Swingin' Time" 400FP

Total FP: 2,200FP

Current Heart Level: Purple

Irvin Yar Edit

"Jittery. But...not entirely his fault especially with how we first met. I feel bad..." [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"Highschool AU" 200FP

Total FP: 200FP

Current Heart Level: Black

Marrion Edit

"She's...a bit hard to approach at first. But, she seems to care for her dog a lot." [Black Heart]

"Not that gentle with treatment...but she's good at it" [Purple Heart]

"I appreciate her constant hard-working attitude while also taking time to joke with me for a while" [Blue Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"First Impressions and Lowkey Panic" [Black Heart Event] 700FP
"When Nurses Don't Remember Your Name" 400FP
"A Sort-of-Troublesome Connection" [Purple Heart Event] 700FP
"Dance! Dance!" 600FP
"Raising Pups While You're Sick" 400FP
"Comets" 200FP
"Battle of the Dishes" [Blue Heart Event] 700FP

Total FP: 3,700FP

Current Heart Level: Blue

Michaelangelo A. Myrfyr Edit

"Hardworking guy." [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"Sowing Festival Clean Up" 400FP

Total FP: 400FP

Current Heart Level: Black

Pandora Musgrove Edit

"I thought she was in a bad mood at first, then realized we had the same 'problem'" [Black Heart]

"We relate a lot on our 'expression' problem which comforts me. Pleasant company". [Purple Heart]

"She's a very reliable friend. Very considerate of my shortcomings". [Blue Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"First Impressions" [Black Heart Event] 700FP
"Welcome Gift" 600FP
"Shy Birthday Gift" 600FP
"Winter Wonderland" 200FP
"Nap Time" 200FP
"Sowing Festival" 400FP
"Team Work!" 400FP
"Teasing" 600FP
"A Relatable Problem" [Purple Heart Event] 900FP
"In Another Universe" 400FP
"Goddess Festival Dance" 600FP
"Grilled Cheese, Hot Milk, and Good Company" [Blue Heart Event] 1,000FP
"Water Break" 400FP
"Trouble at the Beach" [Green Heart Event] 900FP
"Chill Braiding" 400FP

Total FP: 8,300FP

Current Heart Level: Green

Rizts Edit

"Err..." [Black Heart]

Artwork: FP:
"The Blue Feather Meet" [Black Heart Event] 700FP
"Goddess Festival Preparations" 400FP

Total FP: 1,100FP

Current Heart Level: Purple