The town's post office. All shipments going in and out of town get processed here.

General Information Edit

The post office is located on the north side of Toffee Town. It was constructed close to the train station to facilitate package transport.

The post office mainly handles packages and letters that are coming from and going out of town. The postal workers also manage the delivery of supplies and imports for town shops that require them. As for in-town services, the post office offers personal deliveries and shop-related deliveries.

Postal workers each have a general mail route. However, the work may be broken up by the number of letters/packages to be delivered (this is done at the end of each day, and posted up in the morning as a reminder). Mail is typically sorted in the afternoon and delivered the morning after. Residents are free to pick up their mail and parcels at the post office to save time.

Usually, one person stays behind to man the office while the others go out on deliveries (this rotates daily). On busy days, all postal workers may be out on deliveries. In that case, the post office will be locked until the afternoon. There is a mail box attached to the front of the building where townspeople can drop letters and small (not fragile...) packages within if no one is available.

Mail for residents of the inn and seasonal house goes to that building's front desk. Management will notify the recipient. If the recipient lives in their own house but wasn't home for the delivery and does not have a mailbox, they will receive a handwritten mail slip notifying them to pick up their delivery at the post office. The postal worker may stop by the recipient's workplace (they have a list), but that is at their discretion. Mail slips may also be used if the parcel is too large or heavy. All town shops with permanent residents have a mailbox, though the postal worker will try to deliver it to the owner (provided the shop is open or they are home) first.

The post office is a single floor. The front area is where the shop is. There are two storage rooms (one large, one small) in the back.

Additional Information Edit

  • The post office has some equipment for delivering large shipments, but those are generally only for shops (paid more $$$).
    • Think along the lines of...trolleys.
  • There are several potted plants and other unique looking decor inside the post office.
    • The postmaster encourages workers to bring in decorations (particularly the exotic sort) so the shop can look well-travelled.
  • Postal workers wear a pin to show their affiliation to the post office.
    • It comes in both gold and silver purely to match whatever outfit you're wearing.
  • The postal workers should not refer to the building by its initials.

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