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White Roses, Larkspur, All of the Beauty Products, Stationery

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Spicy Food, Jewelry, Storybooks, Pickled Peppers

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Hats (he likes to pick his own), Clown Noses, Coffee, Cabbages

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Meat, Pearls, Cheesecake, Carrots

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Upon first meeting him, Polette is a sweet boy with a bubbling imagination and creative mind. Giving off the air off youthful innocence, it's easy to dupe the not-so-intelligent kid. Polette strongly believes that everyone means well and will overlook negativity in order to maintain that image he sees. However he can be a handful at times, simply due to how playful and childish he is. As a result of being socially inept, he does tend to overstep boundaries and doesn't think about the consequences of his impulsive actions. One of his defining flaws is his inability to accept reality for what it truly is, being a little too idealistic for his own good. He continues to reject the existence of unfavorable events to protect himself from getting hurt—it's only on rare occasions that his forgotten emotions reveal themselves.

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Most of Polette's troubles can be traced back to his early beginnings in his strictly elven hometown. No one was impressed by his quirky behavior and lack of intelligence, which constantly made him bad as a child. With parents that were embarrassed of him and a sister out of the area, he found himself whiling away his time with daydreaming and playing around. He was still subjugated to the burden of having textbooks to read through and drawling notes to take, even before he started attending actual classes. Facing reality proved to be too much for Polette to handle and so he began the habit of fabricating his "story" in order to cope with the difficulties in his life.

Entering a public school at the age of ten, he was still behind most children and found it very hard to make friends. Extremely awkward and goofy, many were put off by his antics. Eventually the time came when his parent sent him away to his aunt's house after becoming concerned with their son's well being. It was there that he was set up with a tutor and found it easier to learn by getting one-on-one help. Cruising by for the next few years, nothing significant had happened until he picked up the hobby of baking after visiting a quaint pastry shop. Enamored, Polette jumped on the opportunity to work at bakery when the Toffee Town flyer arrived at his doorstep. It meant that he had to refuse going to a culinary academy but the idea of school made him anxious, so it wasn't much of a surprise when he chose to leave it behind. Boarding on the Eclair Express just in time for Spring, Polette hoped for the very best!

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do u like what u see

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smirk i think u mean juicy deets

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