Dahlia's pet. Has been part of the Du Family since Fall of Year 2. QQ is a bit of a thief and glutton. They are constantly trying to steal away Lil Juppy, much to Dahlia's dismay. 

Information Edit

Description Edit

"Bigger than an apple, but looks exactly like one when curled up." - RF4

QQ wears is a large SUGDW (Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful) Apple around their body. It is hypothesized that the nutrients in QQ's spit makes things grow faster. QQ loves to eat cucumbers & is horrified whenever someone eats an apple in their presence.

History Edit

The window was left open to let the crisp fall breeze in, but it wasn't the only thing that entered the house that day. The four strange items lined up on the sill was no match for the mighty QQ! One! Two! Both of Dahlia's cucumber eye masks were stolen from right above her nose! With that, she successfully tamed the wild pomme pomme.

The only thing that triumph's QQ's love for cucumbers is Lil Juppy. Dahlia has repeatedly asked them to kindly please spit poor Juppy out...