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"I'm kind of a big deal in the elf community." not Edit

--The One and Only!! Edit


To do:

-info on hometowns

-info on magic skill

-plug relationships chart

-more detailed history section

-pre-ee relationshops

Trivia Edit

-i love him

-his name should actually be Steinar but i dun goofed Steiner is what ended up on his birth certificate! whoops

-lean green string bean boy

-if he was an animal hed definitely be a frog

-shaves once or twice a day (is actually naturally a hairy boy dont tell anyone!!)

-tans easily

-won't tell humans/animal hybrids he's a half-elf unless directly asked, hopes they assume he's pure blooded

-speaks three languages! smart boy!

-probably cant count to 20

-almost always wearing the bracelet on his right wrist, believes it to be a lucky magic charm

-hair doesnt do that naturally, a lil bit of magic is tossed into his styling routine to make it bounce up, otherwise it's kind of a droopy shaggy..experience (ill put a pic here later)

-had the most awkward mustache as a young teenager those pictures shall never be seen