The office of the town's mayor. Suggestions to improve town life and citizen welfare should be made here.

General Information Edit

Town hall is located on the north side of Toffee Town. Due to its convenient location, it stores supplies used by town festivals.

Town hall is generally only used for administrative purposes. When newcomers first arrive in Toffee Town, they must go to town hall to be registered. Town hall has logs of general information about all current residents and old logs of past residents. This includes full names, ages, addresses, workplace, a photo (headshot), and birthdays. Only birthdays are posted publicly.

If you'd like to register a job change or invite someone to town, you can go through the process at town hall. There is also a telephone (the only one in town) which you can use to make cheap (long distance) calls.

Town hall is a building with three floors. Only the viewing platform above the clock on the top floor and the first floor is accessible to most. The mayor resides on the second floor. The third floor stores the mechanism for the clock.

The front desk and mayor's office is on the first floor. There is a bell on the desk to ring if no one is available (there is no secretary). The other rooms on the first floor are storage spaces and archives, generally locked. The mayor's office is locked during non-business hours.

The foyer area is open 24/7, allowing access to the payphone.

The viewing platform is accessible from a long ladder at the back of the building (on the exterior). It's a small space, but due to North Toffee Town's elevation, it provides a nice view over the entire town.

Additional Information Edit

  • Town Hall's policy is to listen to all concerns of its residents, though the response depends on its tight budget...
  • Due to how the building is structured, the roof of the first floor is flat and can be accessed from a locked door on the second floor.
  • The clock is programmed to sync with the bell on top of the station. Each hour per the town hall clock, the bell over the station will ring at the same time.
  • It isn't unusual for the mayor to be out during office hours to take walks around Toffee Town. (The perks of being your own boss.)

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